SUP Trolley

I don’t own my own SUP board because right now it is easier for me just to rent it.
Usually I rent one SUP and then we take turns with my girlfriend. She doesn’t like it as much as I do.
Having just one SUP board with us, there was no problem taking it to the beach, because I could carry it.
But one time we decided to rent two boards :/
I can’t carry two SUP boards to the beach!!!

That is when I started looking for a SUP/Surf Trolley. But no luck.
I would have to order it in a Surf shop or buy It online from abroad.
Either way it would not arrive in time because we were leaving the day after tomorrow.
There was only one thing left for me to do.


Here is the result:

I went to the hardware store where I bought 2 wheels and an axle.
All I was missing now was a holder for 2 boards.
I figured that the easiest way to make it is out of wood.
luckily I have a friend that has all the machines and tools for the job.
I made the design and we were good to go.
sup_carrier_6   sup_carrier_7

As you can see the Trolley has two separate board holders.
That means that I can remove one holder and tow just one board or I can add additional holder and tow three boards.

I was very happy that the SUP Trolley was finished in time because otherwise we would have to go to the beach by car and I don’t like that.