SUP Trolley

I don’t own my own SUP board because right now it is easier for me just to rent it. Usually I rent one SUP and then we take turns with...

Vespa PX200 E Abarth style

Vintage Vespas are iconic and I like them a lot. That is why I was very pleased when a friend asked me to make Abarth style stickers for his...

Customized Push Bicycle

Push Bike is a great birthday gift for a kid. It’s even better if you personalize it with some graphics. (more…)

Kerrock Shower

I like getting to know new materials, learning how to work with them and figuring out where they could be used. That is why I have decided t...

Bedroom Design

When renewing this bedroom we wanted it to be simple. Actually this is the bedroom which is sharing the TV with the living room. You may hav...

1 TV in 2 Rooms

Because the living room and the master bedroom are opposite to each other we decided to put one TV in both rooms. How? (more…)

Bathroom Mirror

Usually the bathroom mirrors are mounted on the wall. But not in this case. This mirror is hanged and can be pushed around. (more…)

Kitchen Design

Although the furniture used in this kitchen is from IKEA a lot of stuff is custom made. (more…)

Counter Extension

To increase the work area in the kitchen I made a counter extension. This counter extension can also be used as a dining area for 3 people....

Wood Wall

With this wall design we went for a soft industrial look. (more…)

Laptop Desk

The shape of the Laptop Desk is based on functionality. It’s designed in the way that the foot of the desk goes under the couch. That way yo...

Leather Tears

When there is nothing on the market that you like, you have to make it yourself. (more…)