In order to see our future, we have to know the present.

When I was younger, I never had clear goals and I couldn’t visualize my future. I was never looking for the path that was right for me and I just kept on walking the easiest and safest path, without steep climbs and sudden descents. I never asked myself which is the path I want to walk and where I would like to arrive. Because I was not focused where the path is taking me, I arrived to a place where I didn’t feel at home.

I was always thinking a lot, but rarely about the important things. I was not in control of my mind. I can remember very well that I had a lack of imagination while growing up. When I wanted to see myself in the future, I couldn’t see anything. When I was in the elementary school, I wasn’t able to see myself in high school, when I was in high school, I couldn’t imagine myself in college and when I was in college, I wasn’t able to visualize myself having a job and going to work. Sometimes I got scared that I don’t have a future and that it will all be over soon.

Just recently I have realized why I couldn’t see my future when I was younger. The answers were right in front of me all the time, but I never noticed that. I realized that in order to see our future, we have to know who we are in this moment. What are our passions, what gets us out of bed in the morning and to what we would like to devote most of our energy and time. When I finally had the answers to all those questions, my future became crystal clear.

This summer my girlfriend’s nephew, who is fifteen years old, stayed with us for one week. In a way, I can see myself in him when I was his age. I see a boy with a lot of unexpressed energy and talent. I see a boy that has all the opportunities in this world and the only thing that will stand in his way of achieving great things, is going to be him alone. I’m not saying that he has to achieve great things today, but it is very important that he knows today, where he would like to be in five years’ time.

Come to think about it, my interests haven’t changed much since I was fifteen. The same things are attracting my attention as they were back then. This means that I had all the information I needed, to see where I would like to be today. Unfortunately, I was not aware of how important this information was.

I’m trying to encourage my girlfriend’s nephew to think about who he is. I encourage him to explore his feelings and expand his imagination. When he will get to know himself, there will be nothing standing in his way to success. All his energy and talent will rise to the surface. He will no longer try to be better than others, but try to be better than himself. He will start to walk his own path, that nobody has walked before. His path is going to be unpredictable and hard, but it is going to lead him to eternal happiness.

Everything he has to do is to think about his wishes and goals for at least 10 minutes a day. He has to be aware of his feelings and follow their lead. With their help he will get to know his passions and his purpose. The image of his future will become very clear and nothing will distract his focus.

If we are not able to see our goal, we can never achieve it.

Who the hell am I?

When we start to ask ourselves about our identity, it is a sign that we are not doing something right. We don’t feel good because our thoughts are not aligned with our reality.

I found myself in a similar situation.
I had everything and I was without a reason to complain.
Nevertheless I had a feeling that something isn’t right and that I do not want to go on this way. I was not satisfied with myself and with my contribution to the society.

Reason for my dissatisfaction was that I was not following my gut feeling. Even when I was young I didn’t have the courage to speak out loud about my dreams and wishes let alone to do something about it. I suspect that my reason for not taking action was my weak character.

Life went on and while I was growing up, I lost myself.

To find myself again, I had to go back in my mind to an era, when reality didn’t exist and when my thoughts didn’t have any boundaries yet. I had to remember my childhood.

Who was I back then?

The moments that we remember the most from our childhood, are the moments when we did something wrong and got punished because of it. I remember how angry my mum was, when I was moving the furniture around in the bedroom. I also remember the moment, when Saint Nicholas gave me a beating stick. Apparently because I dyed my mum’s white flowers read.

I remember how my brother and I were sitting on the floor for hours and hours and playing with Legos. Mostly we were making our own creations and mostly they were motorcycles and cars. I remember how we were going through the same car and motorcycle magazines and watching the same car and motorcycle TV shows over and over again.

Through looking at my past I have reconnected with myself. With years my character got stronger and now I have everything to align my reality with my thoughts.

I had to travel to my past to find myself. Some people travel half of the world to find out who they are. But it is difficult to find yourself, if you are mentally and physically always at the same place.

System is teaching us to become what the system needs for existence.
Now and then somebody comes along who tells us that we can become whoever we want, if we work hard enough.
But I believe that we should be ourselves. Wouldn’t it be sad to waste our lives for achieving goals that aren’t even ours.

In my opinion, the most that parents can do for their child is to help him get to know himself. This child will always feel good about himself. He will stand solidly on his feet and won’t get under the influence of the society. This child will be aware of his advantages and disadvantages and he will never regret anything.

Half-year report

It has been more than half a year since I have left my regular salary and got self employed. Most of the people probably don’t care but still I believe that there is someone out there that would like to know how I’m doing. He or she would like to know what kind of problems I’m facing and what experiences I have gained so far. These questions are asked by the people who also feel that they are not living their purpose and want a change.

Those who think that I got self employed because of the money want to know if I have more or less than I had before. They want to know if I am richer. I must say that I am. I’m richer for many experiences and I’m thankful for all of them. For the good experiences and the bad. These experiences are changing my point of view and showing me the way. Today I understand some things that I couldn’t understand before and today I understand some decisions people have made that I couldn’t understand before. Experiences are making us for who we are. That is why we should never judge anyone because their experiences are probably different than ours.

Unfortunately not all experience can be gained on a good way. It doesn’t mater how many times we are warned about some danger it just won’t stick to our subconscious until we experience it ourselves. With gaining experience we are developing our instinct. We are learning to recognise danger and make better decisions.

When I got self employed the first thing I have learned was that a week has only 7 days and a day only 24 hours. Out of those 24 hours I need at least 7 hours to rest and 4 hours to have 5 healthy meals. I also need some time for personal hygiene and keeping my environment clean and in order. I also have to say that I’m not the fastest human on this planet. 🙂

Al these things are influencing my productivity and the amount of work that I’m able to do in one day. I have learned to be patient towards myself and have learned what “Rome wasn’t built in a day” means.

We always have to make time for our family and friends because without them we are nothing.

They are the ones that support us in every situation. A lot of the times they are also our first customers and their good word brings us new customers. This way we are getting good references and slowly putting ourself on the market.

It is also good for us to have our closest ones as our first customers because we are still inexperienced. That means that it doesn’t matter how careful we are, we will still make mistakes. Bad word goes around quickly and mistake can be crucial for our business. Our closest ones will always forgive us our mistakes because they know that they will get a discount at the end. 🙂

Although things are not going as I imagined I do not regret my decision. Life is unpredictable and more we try to live according to the plan less interesting it gets. People like feeling safe, even though that safety is holding us back from being more experienced.

I have found out that feeling safe doesn’t have positive effect on me. When I feel safe my progress stops. I stop rowing and go with the flow.

We need challenges. When life doesn’t give them to us we need to find them on our own.

After half a year of being self employed I can say that I like it. I like that I’m thinking with my own head, learning on my own mistakes and doing things my way. I like it because nobody has the power to cause bad conscience in me.

I only hope that I will get enough of experience that I need to succeed. I also hope that I will find enough of perseverance in me not to fall under the influence of feeling safe.

Protective Film

Kadar si privoščimo nov izdelek si želimo, da bi bil ta izdelek čim dalj časa nov.
Skrbimo, da ga ne poškodujemo in da so znaki obrabe čim manj vidni.
Kljub vsej naši skrbi pa se velikokrat zgodi tisto, kar smo si najmanj želeli.
Takrat smo slabe volje in očitamo si, da nismo bili dovolj pazljivi.

Včeraj smo v prostorih Mesta Oblikovanja v Ljubljani, za vas snemali prispevek o zaščitnih folijah. V prispevku bomo s prozorno zaščitno folijo zaščitili najbolj izpostavljene dele novega gorskega kolesa. Takšno kolo je namenjeno agresivni vožnji po brezpotjih, kar pomeni, da bi bili znaki obrabe kmalu vidni.

zascitna-folija_kolo_2  zascitna-folija_kolo_3  zascitna-folija_kolo_1

Prispevek bo objavljen v drugi polovici prihajajočega tedna in v njem boste izvedeli vse kar morate vedeti, da se takšnega projekta lotite sami.


Pri nastajanju prispevka smo sodelovali:
Beno, Simon, Davor in njegova psička Duna ter jaz.

Nova Zgodba – Nov Začetek

S 1.2.2017 se je začela moja nova zgodba. To je zgodba, ko sem svoje življenje vzel iz rok drugih. Od sedaj naprej je vse odvisno od mene. Ali si bom lahko privoščil dopust, ali bom lahko plačeval stroške, ali bom imel kaj dati v usta? Moja poteza je bila precej lažja zaradi dejstva, da s partnerko še nimava otrok. Tako se žal nisva odločila sama, vendar v primeru, če bi že bil starš bi bile moje prioritete sigurno drugačne.
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Autokatalog 1993

At an early age I began to love cars and motorcycles. I have always shared that love and passion with my older brother. We were constantly discussing and arguing about cars. I believe that our growing passion evolved from the fact that our father has a car workshop. We were surrounded with cars since we were little.
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Reconstruction Plan

Dober mesec nazaj sem na Instagramu objavil moj rekonstrukcijski plan. Tisti, ki ste ga videli vam verjetno ni bilo razumljivo za kaj se gre.
Gre se za to, da se mi ob redni službi ne uspe posvetiti stvarem, ki me veselijo.
Gre se tudi zato, da nisem zadovoljen s svojim prispevkom družbi, saj čutim, da sem sposoben narediti več.
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