Autokatalog 1993

At an early age I began to love cars and motorcycles. I have always shared that love and passion with my older brother. We were constantly discussing and arguing about cars. I believe that our growing passion evolved from the fact that our father has a car workshop. We were surrounded with cars since we were little.


In the beginning of 1993 our sister was born. On the day when we saw her for the first time our father bought us our first car catalog. That was really an unforgettable day. It’s not even possible to count how many times we turned that same car catalog over. We still have it today and I would like to share it with you. I’m doing this for everybody with passion for cars and who are able to appreciate that. It includes all the cars that were being built that year all over the world.
Regarding all circumstances it was expected that our sister will grow her own passion for cars as well. Today 23 years later non of us has made a career working with cars but secretly I think we would all like to.


As a kid I admired car journalists. They were testing and experiencing different cars over and over again. Cars are more than just pieces of metal to me and what interests me the most about cars is their character. To me it’s about emotional experience. How does the car feel to drive and which feelings come out when it drives by.


Very important to me is the cause why a car or a brand was made. Is it because of the passion for cars or is it just because of an opportunity to make money. Sometimes it is easy to tell the difference. It’s like with music. When it comes from the heart you can feel that.

I’m especially fond of older cars and motorcycles. That’s because they were mostly built with passion which gave them a lot of character. What I like about them the most are the stories they are carrying with them.


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Autokatalog 1993 / Car catalog 1993